How To Become An Aerobics Instructor

The fitness industry is full of exciting opportunities for people who want to make a difference and enjoy watching others fulfil their goals.

The best thing is you don’t need a fancy degree or years of training; a simple course could set you off on a fun-filled career with excellent earning potential.

If you’re looking for a change, and want to wake up every morning knowing you’re going to a job that you love, then an aerobics instructor course could be just what you’re looking for.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is aerobics, and why is it so popular?

Aerobics was initially created by Dr Kenneth H. Cooper, who believed that exercise science would benefit the military. However, after seeing how effective aerobics was, he released a book in the 1960s to help others.

However, Jackie Sorenson took the initial theory of aerobics and turned it into the rhythmic explosion of music and dancing it is today.

Jazzercize and step aerobics would soon follow, and today aerobics remains one of the most popular ways to lose weight.

Why is aerobics so popular?

When they hear the word aerobics, most people first think about women with larger-than-life hair wearing vibrant leotards – and they’d be right. The 1980s was when aerobics took off, with celebrities like Jane Fonda making a fortune off of fun-filled videos.

Women – and men – would throw on their leg warmers and dance away their calories while vibing to the epic music of the time.

Today, aerobics is a bit different, but it’s still considered one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy.

We may have said goodbye to the leg warmers, but the principle behind aerobics, including rhythmic movement, remains.

The benefits of becoming a fitness instructor

With so many careers in fitness available, it’s challenging to know what specialism is right for you. Some people prefer to work with athletes, while others might specialise in strength training, but there are always opportunities for aerobics instructors.

Here are just some of the benefits of becoming an aerobics instructor.

Work with people from all walks of life

Aerobics attracts a range of people, including children, adults and seniors – so it’s a great way to support individuals from all backgrounds. While some personal trainers have a set client base, teaching classes ensure you get to offer a more bespoke experience.

You could also specialise with specific groups, such as offering discount aerobics classes for seniors or visiting schools to teach children the importance of exercise.

Enjoy endless opportunities

With so many forms of aerobics, you’ll never get bored. From traditional aerobics to step aerobics and jazzercise, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop your career and enjoy a fun-filled environment.

Water aerobics is also popular, and if you work in a gym or fitness centre, you’ll be able to teach various classes.

Share your knowledge and ignite passion

A qualified gym instructor has the opportunity to share everything they know about fitness with their clients and create a love of exercise. We all know physical fitness’s importance, but running on a treadmill isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.

Aerobic adds dance elements and loud music to the experience, ensuring people can turn a general chore into something they genuinely enjoy.

Develop your own business

Self-employed aerobics instructors can work for themselves and offer group classes to a range of people. For example, a self-employed instructor can come to visit schools or residential homes to teach aerobics to people.

Some health clubs also offer aerobic exercise classes and might prefer to use self-employed specialists. Let’s remember you could open your own gym or fitness centre at some point, so there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

What skills should aerobics instructors have?

In theory, anyone can become an aerobics instructor with the proper training and commitment, but it ultimately depends on your motivation and ability to inspire others.

If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to become an aerobics instructor, these are just some of the skills you should possess.


Aspiring aerobics instructors should have heaps of passion for fitness because it’s about showing others that exercise can be fun. For some people, exercise is a chore – but fitness professionals should wake up each morning ready to make a difference.

Physical fitness

It goes without saying that you have to be fit for an aerobics career. Many aerobics instructors fail to realise just how vital their physical fitness is, but you’ll be teaching classes every day and will need to retain your energy.

On the plus side, you’ll get all your exercise at work so you can relax in the evening instead of hitting the gym.

Rhythm and coordination

Teaching exercise to music means you’ll need not only to teach people how to exercise correctly but also learn how to define the beat in each song. Even if you don’t have this skill, it’s relatively easy to develop.


Of course, all fitness instructors must be confident and able to motivate others. You’ll primarily be working with groups, so a positive attitude and the ability to remain enthusiastic are essential.

Group exercise sessions are challenging, but instructors can build their confidence over time and learn how to motivate others.

Begin your career in the fitness industry with an aerobics course

The best way to become an aerobics instructor is through our Exercise to Music course. It’s a CIMSPA-accredited home study course that teaches you everything you need to know about exercise to music.

Better still, you can study completely online at your own pace, so you don’t need to worry about fitting training around your work schedule.

There are no entry requirements apart from a true passion for fitness and the motivation to develop a successful career as an aerobic instructor.

What potential aerobics instructors will learn:

The Principles of Anatomy and Physiology

In this module, you’ll learn how and why the body reacts to exercise and understand the benefits of aerobic activity.

Health and safety for group exercise

Maintaining a safe and secure environment for groups of learners is more challenging than teaching people one to one. The second module of our course focuses on the laws surrounding aerobics classes and how to stay in line with health and safety regulations.

You’ll also be able to identify potential issues you might face and learn how to create safe exercise routines for all learners.

Planning and executing group training sessions

Aerobic instructors should ensure each class is effective and fun to ensure the best results for each participant. This module is about learning how to implement training that works for different muscle groups and provides a proactive session.

You’ll discover how to implement music into the training while teaching people to exercise correctly.

The more impactive your group fitness sessions are, the more likely people will return for more.

Professionalism in group training

When you work with a group of people, you have to take the needs of everyone into account, which can be challenging when creating effective fitness programs. This module teaches you how to remain professional while ensuring everyone performs their exercises safely.

Supporting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging behaviour changes

The final module in our exercise to music course identifies potential barriers that might prevent your group fitness class members from reaching their goals.

You’ll also learn how to encourage healthier eating habits and make exercise adaptations for senior classes.

Why learn with The Fitness Circle?

The Fitness Circle is a fitness industry training provider specialising in providing aspiring aerobics instructors with convenient online courses. We help turn exercise enthusiasts into professional fitness trainers without you having to compromise your current work or leisure time.

You can continuously develop your career and enhance your physical education with a range of online courses.

Access to specialist tutors

All of our tutors have extensive experience within the fitness industry, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best support at all times.

Interactive learning materials

We’re not your traditional textbook company, and we offer our learners a range of dynamic educational materials. From video lectures to practical training where you can learn some effective workout routines, you’ll never be bored when learning with us.

Convenient payment options

We don’t believe anyone should have to pay a fortune for personal training qualifications and aim to give each of our students the best possible experience. You can pay in full or take advantage of our 0% interest payment plans.

Advance onto other courses

We have a range of courses available for trainers who want to achieve more in their careers. The Level 3 and Level 4 Personal Trainer certificates prepare trainers for an advanced career, including business management and working with professionals or VIP clients.

Or, if you’d like to specialise in tutoring others, you can view our Level 3 Tutor & Assessor qualification.

There are many professional development opportunities, and our accredited certifications give you everything you need to build a successful profession.

Begin your journey to become an aerobics instructor

With so many pathways, our course prepares you for work in a fitness facility, health clubs or self-employment.

If you’d like to learn more about our Exercise to Music qualification, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team with any questions. Or, you can sign up today and choose your payment plan, then begin studying.

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