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Designed for Level 2 or 3 fitness professionals, this qualification provides learners with the knowledge and skills needed for programming exercises for both pre and postnatal clients. It considers the physiological and biomechanical changes associated with pregnancy whilst maintaining health and safety.

Our graduates are working in some of the biggest gyms globally

If you work as a personal trainer but want to take on more challenging roles, our pre and post natal course might be just what you’re looking for.

The system enables you to create safe and effective exercise programmes for antenatal and post-natal clients, helping them reach their goals.

In this course you’ll learn about the physiological and biomechanical changes that pregnancy brings, as well as how to identify any health and safety risks and take them into consideration when designing exercise programmes. 

Studying with us gives you access to a leading fitness industry course with plenty of opportunities for career progression. Upon completing our pre and post-natal training certification, you’ll be able to work with pre and postnatal clients at any stage of their pregnancy, confidently.

The Course

The Level 3 Award in supporting pre and post-natal clients with exercise is fully CIMPSA accredited, giving you an industry-recognised qualification that sets you apart from other personal trainers.

Better still, there are so many routes you can take, and there will always be demand for trainers that specialise in designing physical activity programmes for antenatal and postnatal clients with more health and safety needs.

Studying with us couldn’t be easier, and throughout the course, you’ll have support from nutrition and exercise professionals, giving you the best chance to succeed.

Entry Requirements

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification
  • A willingness to learn about various health and safety risks during pregnancy
  • A keen interest in helping others

Industry Leading Personal
Trainer course

The Fitness Circle have 26 years’ experience in qualifying Personal Trainers and fitness professionals. Enrolling onto our CIMSPA endorsed course means you’ll be working with a serviced-focused, experienced provider that continue to keep up with the latest sports science research.

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What Will I Learn?

Program learning outcomes and content

  • Module 1: The benefits of physical activity, potential barriers for pre and postnatal clients, and how to respond effectively.

    Module 1: The benefits of physical activity, potential barriers for pre and postnatal clients, and how to respond effectively.

    Module overview:

    • In the first module of our courses, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges pre and post-natal clients face with personal training. There might be many barriers, including fears about the unborn child or pain after challenging labour.
    • However, you can give your clients peace of mind by understanding the benefits of physical activity.
    • Learn the values of a healthy diet and physical activity for prenatal clients
    • Discover how exercise and activity can help post-natal clients
    • Understand the potential concerns and barriers that might impact a client's experience
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  • Module 2: The physiological and biomechanical alterations during the pre and postnatal period

    Module 2: The physiological and biomechanical alterations during the pre and postnatal period

    Pregnancy is one of the most extraordinary things a woman can experience, but it often comes with plenty of complications. Each trimester brings its own challenges, and there can also be issues after birth. As a personal trainer, it’s your job to understand the many biomechanical and physiological changes that occur in pre and post-natal clients to get a better idea of their needs.


    Module overview:

    • Understand the three trimesters
    • Learn about the circulatory system 
    • Find out how pregnancy impacts the respiratory system
    • Understand the complexities of the musculoskeletal system
    • Learn how the metabolic and hormonal systems work
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  • Module 3: Health and safety when working with pre and post-natal clients

    Module 3: Health and safety when working with pre and post-natal clients

    Health and safety considerations are essential in any industry, but you should be more aware of them when working with pre and post-natal clients. Potential complications could arise, and personal trainers are responsible for ensuring their clients enjoy a safe and secure exercise experience. In this unit, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your responsibilities towards your clients, what duty of care means, how to implement it, and how to recognise limitations.


    Module overview:

    • Identifying warning signs to a client that should stop exercising and how to respond
    • Pre-activity screening and informed consent
    • Collecting and interpreting data
    • Legal and ethical responsibilities
    • Knowing when to refer a client
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  • Module 4 Nutrition requirements

    Module 4 Nutrition requirements

    Module overview:

    Understanding the Nutritional requirements for pre and post-natal clients:

    • Explain the importance of a balanced diet for pre and post-natal clients
    • Knowing important food sources
    • Identify foods to avoid during pregnancy
    • Vitamin and mineral supplements recommended in pregnancy
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  • Module 5: Designing safe and effective exercise programmes for pre and post-natal clients

    Module 5: Designing safe and effective exercise programmes for pre and post-natal clients

    Pre and post-natal clients will always require more support with their fitness needs, and practical exercise sessions are the key to ensuring your clients get the best possible results. Exercise can reduce the risks of labour complications and prevent the need for a caesarean (Science Daily). Safety is paramount when supporting pre and post-natal clients with exercise. This module teaches you how to design effective programmes without putting your clients and their babies at risk. You’ll be able to consider each client’s needs and risk factors, ensuring a great experience.


    Module overview:

    • How to design a programme that works for each trimester and the postnatal period
    • Identify safe types of exercise and learn which positions to avoid (especially when teaching yoga).
    • Find safer alternatives to popular activities, and make adaptations.
    • How to teach clients to stretch and warm up safely
    • Learn about pelvic floor exercises and why they're important
    • Identify and implement the appropriate core and functioning training exercises for pregnant women
    • Maintain the best level of intensity and avoid overheating your clients
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  • Module 6: Identify and manage specific risks 

    Module 6: Identify and manage specific risks 

    Numerous complications can arise during pregnancy, including infections, the risk of pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure. However, people also forget about post-natal complications, including stitches, sore and swollen breasts and weight gain. All these complications can cause problems, and exercise has its risks – but it’s your job to identify and manage them. In this module, you’ll learn how to effectively identify and address potential risks so your client can enjoy exercise and return to their goal weight.


    Module overview:

    • Identify any risks for pre or post-natal clients when participating in physical activity programmes
    • Provide nutritional advice for your clients so they can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet
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The Fitness Circle support team & materials

With a personal tutor on hand to help you learn with us, we ensure that you are not alone during your studies.

Tutors with industry experience

Our tutors are dedicated, knowledgeable and best of all,
have personal training experience.

Industry-leading learning materials

  • Online video lectures and practical training videos
  • Premium learner manuals
  • Dedicated support tutor
  • Simplified study guide that is easy to follow
  • Customisable templates for case studies
  • Mock paper practice
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Experience Class

  • Way 2 Fitness Work

    ”The support and the knowledge given allowed me to start working in the industry straight way. I have and will continue to recommend their services to anyone looking to get qualified.”

    Way 2 Work 

    Basketball Coach & PT

  • Nuna’s Nutritionist

    “I chose the The Fitness Circle because I could study the whole course online, in my own timeframe, which worked well with my schedule. It was a great experience.”

    Nuna’s Nutrition


  • Helle Hammonds Celebrity Personal Trainer

    “I qualified as a PT with The Fitness Circle over 10 years ago and will still recommend them to this day.”

    Helle Hammonds

    Celebrity Personal Trainer

  • Tom ‘Kong’ Watson Personal Trainer

    “The Fitness Circle will teach you everything you need to know to get you started in a career in Personal Training”

    Tom ‘Kong’ Watson

    Former MMA Champion



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Upon completion of this course:

Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to offer individual classes and group training sessions for pre and post-natal women. Some of our students also decide to specialise in other areas of personal training, including working with children or offering exercise and nutrition support for older adults.

You can also become a self-employed personal trainer or work in various health centres and gyms.

The field of personal training is ever-evolving, and trainers with specialist knowledge will always be able to find employment opportunities.

Study with an industry-leading training provider


At The Fitness Circle, we provide learners with everything they need to succeed in the fitness industry. While there are many other training providers, our courses are fully accredited by CIMSPA, an internationally recognised body.

When you study with us, you equip yourself with the skills needed to gain meaningful employment while progressing in a rewarding career that offers plenty of opportunities.

A dedicated team of experienced tutors

To work as a tutor with The Fitness Circle, you must have extensive experience within the fitness industry and all of the necessary qualifications. Our strict recruitment process ensures all our students get the best possible support at all times.

We equip you with the knowledge needed to build a career as a specialist personal trainer. Many learners go on to become fitness professionals that work in the UK’sUK’s most reputable gyms including Virgin, Pure Gym and Nuffield Health.

Flexible payment options

We understand that you might not have the funds to pay for our pre/post-natal personal training certification outright, so you can take advantage of a flexible payment plan that lets you spread the course cost.

The opportunity to achieve more

With so many people taking an active interest in their diet and fitness, there’s never been a better time to become a personal trainer. However, there’s a lot of competition for the best jobs, and certifications will set you apart from other candidates.

A diploma in supporting pre and post-natal clients with exercise will showcase your skills, and women dealing with pregnancy will always turn to someone that can offer safe and practical exercise recommendations.

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Studying with The Fitness Circle means you can take advantage of our convenient payment solutions and learn online in your spare time. We also offer ongoing support and have helped many students future-proof their careers by providing excellent learning resources.

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