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Online Personal Trainer Course

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This comprehensive CIMSPA approved course, delivered 100% online in the UK and around the world, teaches the key skills required for the modern Personal Trainer. Learn exercise programme creation, Nutrition, fitness psychology, Marketing and more. It combines the L2 Gym Instructing and L3 Personal Training qualifications.

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Industry leading personal trainer course

The Fitness Circle have 26 years’ experience in qualifying Personal Trainers and fitness professionals. Enrolling onto our CIMSPA endorsed course means you’ll be working with a serviced-focused, experienced provider that continue to keep up with the latest sports science research.

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Program learning outcomes and content

  • Level 2 - Anatomy, Physiology and Fitness

    Level 2 – Principles of Anatomy, Physiology and Fitness

    Module info & overview

    An understanding of anatomy & physiology in relation to exercise is essential foundation knowledge for all fitness professionals. Understanding the benefits and demands of the body will help with programme writing.

    • Skeletal and Neuromuscular system and the effects of exercise
    • Cardiovascular and respirator systems
    • Energy production and the effects of exercise
    • Components of fitness and its effects on the body
    • Special populations
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  • Level 3 - Nutrition

    Level 3 – Nutrition

    Module info & overview

    Understand and apply the underpinning principles of nutrition, guidelines for eating a balanced and healthy diet and the additional nutrient requirements for active individuals

    • Understand how to access credible information about nutrition
    • Terminology, how nutrients fuel & recover after physical activity, and the risks of poor nutritional practices
    • Learn how to estimate daily energy and nutritional requirements for clients with different goals
    • Be able to analyse a client’s dietary habits and identify areas for improvement
    • Apply nutritional principles when developing exercise and lifestyle programmes for clients
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  • Level 2 - Planning and Instructing gym-based exercise

    Level 2 – Planning and instructing gym-based exercise

    Module info & overview

    Learn how to plan and deliver safe and effective gym sessions to clients.

    • Planning safe and effective gym sessions
    • Deliver safe and effective gym sessions
    • Planning and delivering group inductions
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  • Level 3 - Lifestyle and medical conditions

    Level 3 – Lifestyle, health and common medical conditions

    Module info & overview

    Understand the different factors and common medical conditions that can affect a client’s health and wellbeing and the impact it may have on your programme

    • Commonly occurring medical conditions
    • How lifestyle factor affects a client’s health and wellbeing
    • Know when to risk-stratify and when to refer clients
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  • Level 2 - Client consultations

    Level 2 – Client consultations

    Module info & overview

    Before you plan a gym-based exercise session you must plan it. Understanding how and what information to get from your client will improve the effectiveness of your sessions highly.

    • Know how to consult and support clients to change exercise behaviour
    • Technology and how it can support exercise adherence
    • Know the established protocols for health screening and fitness assessments
    • Be able to consult and support clients
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  • Level 3 - Encouragement & behaviours

    Level 3 – Encouraging positive health and fitness behaviours in clients

    Module info & overview

    Utilise a range of methods that can encourage positive health and fitness behaviours

    • Learn the techniques use to effectively communicate with clients
    • Technology usage to increase client's physical activityand respirator systems
    • Create positive environments to empower clients to meet their goals
    • Goal setting
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  • Level 2 - Professionalism & customer care

    Level 2 – Professionalism and customer care for fitness instructors

    Module info & overview

    As the fitness industry continues to grow, it is important that you fully understand the customer and have confidence to support them in achieving their goals.

    • Understand the legal and professional requirements
    • Identify some of the products and services that can be offered
    • Learn effective strategies for communication, how to be approachable and how to interact in certain situations
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  • Level 3 - Programme design and delivery

    Level 3 – Programme design and delivery

    Module info & overview

    Be able to create safe and effective progressive personal training sessions for a range of different clients.

    • Principles of personal training programme design
    • Learn about periodisation
    • Understand the boundaries of pre and postnatal women and older clients
    • Designing and adapting programmes
    • How to monitor your sessions
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  • Level 2 - Health and safety

    Level 2 – Health and safety in a fitness environment

    Module info & overview

    Health and safety is of prime importance in every industry. In this unit you’ll understand the your responsibilities and limitations with regard to duty of care

    • Health and safety in workplace
    • Hazards and risks in a fitness environment
    • Emergency operating procedures
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  • Level 3 - Business and Marketing

    Level 3 – Business and Marketing

    Module info & overview

    Get the business and marketing know-how, essential for Personal Trainers in an employed and self-employed role

    • Marketing techniques and tactics
    • How to close a sale
    • Legal and professional requirements
    • Plan and strategise to develop a successful personal training business
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  • Level 3 - Applied anatomy and physiology

    Level 2 – Client consultations

    Module info & overview

    Recognise and understand each of the anatomical systems and how they relate to the physiological functions associated with exercise health and fitness.

    • Function of the cardiovascular, skeletal and digestive systems in relation to fitness
    • Learn about the myofascial, nervous and endocrine systems and their application to fitness
    • Energy systems related to physical activity, health and fitness
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  • Bonus CPDs

    FREE CPDs included with this course

    • Kettlebell training
    • Rig Training
    • Online trainer
    • Fuelling physical activity
    • Power clubs
    • Suspension training
    • + more!
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We are uniquely positioned to offer high-quality courses at affordable rates, without compromising on quality. This is made even easier for you with our 0% finance options, meaning that you can spread the costs of the course up to 12 months depending on the course price.


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  • Customisable templates for case studies
  • Mock paper practice
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Our gradutes are thriving

We are uniquely positioned to offer high-quality courses at affordable rates, without compromising on quality. This is made even easier for you with our 0% finance options, meaning that you can spread the costs of the course up to 12 months depending on the course price.

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Qualify To Be A Online Personal Trainer With CIMSPA Certification Courses

The Fitness Circle offers an unparalleled experience with professional-level certification courses. Our learning programs have been designed by highly qualified and experienced professionals. You receive inclusive support throughout your learning period along with the latest technologies and techniques of the fitness industry.

Our Online Personal Trainer Courses are focused on enabling you with the science of fitness training using various techniques. We help you build leadership qualities and coaching skills, so you can apply all the learned techniques successfully as a certified professional personal trainer. 


Online Personal training courses available at The Fitness Circle

We have multiple professionally designed personal trainer courses London. The courses have been designed to match your career goals as a Personal Trainer.

You can opt for the best online personal trainer course:

And more!

Foundational and advanced knowledge of human anatomy and exercise physiology

Our fitness professionals structurally provide knowledge of various human anatomy as well as exercise physiology. The basics and advanced understanding of nutrition, applied kinesiology and training physiology make you a well-taught professional trainer at the end of a program.

Learn special training methods around various disorders

We provide essential information regarding training populations with various disorders. Our special training techniques have been approved by professionals for safety and effectiveness. We also train you to collaborate with the physicians of individuals to prepare a specific training strategy.


How Can You Benefit From an Online Personal Trainer Course?

Personal trainers are so much more than someone that helps a person get fit – they have a passion for fitness and motivation. Imagine being able to take something you genuinely love and use it to help others.

Many of our students go on to have fantastic careers and find that they reap the rewards of a flexible work schedule that doesn’t tie them to a desk.

Our online personal trainer courses allow you to define a better life for yourself while benefiting from a career with plenty of prospects.

Because it’s all online – over the web, you can learn at your own pace – in fact many successful personal trainers have been through online based personal training.  


Help Others Succeed

For some people, maintaining a healthy weight and diet is an uphill struggle that they feel they’ll never win. Our personal training course equips you with the knowledge to help others succeed through coaching and offering motivational support.

It could be a bespoke meal plan or exercise – but either way, you’ll have a real opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.


Plenty of Opportunities

A successful personal trainer has plenty of opportunities for career development. The health and fitness industry continues to grow, and people are becoming more conscious of their health and wellbeing.

Whether you want the security of working at a gym/health club or would love to start a personal training business, there are plenty of opportunities to move forward in your successful career. Our courses will enable you to learn vital business skills to succeed.


Become an Expert

The best thing about personal training is it offers the chance for continued professional development, and you’ll never get bored. With scientists constantly revealing new findings related to health, fitness and obesity, you can become an expert in your field.

People will come to you for advice whether you work out of your own home or a gym environment. All our students benefit from each PT course and nutrition course, leading to a career as a motivational speaker or life coach.


Be Your Own Boss

If you love sport and physical activity, then the chances are you’re not the office type. Our online PT course allows you to get out and about, using your skills to define your future.

Many of our students enjoy a future career where they get to set their schedules. Instead of answering to a boss, you can start your own business and benefit from the flexibility and freedom self-employment brings. Once you’ve started your own personal training business, you’ll be able to offer personal training sessions at a pricing you choose – with business planning & experience, you can develop your personal training business to help it grow, employing more exercise professionals over time.

Take the first step towards your brand new career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the Online Personal Trainer Course without having a Level 2 certification?

Yes, our course combines the Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 PT course, giving you everything you need to qualify as a personal trainer. 

Many course providers don’t offer this combined option, but studying with us means you can save money and enjoy a comprehensive learning experience. 

Is it illegal to PT without qualifications?

It depends on your activities. For example, if you’re helping a friend or family member get in shape, you won’t need any qualifications. 

However, anyone who offers professional services or wants to gain employment in the fitness industry must have relevant qualifications. 

The Level 2 Gym Instructor certificate is an entry-level course that gives you access to gyms and health centres. A personal trainer qualification lets you work in a variety of environments. 

What are the most recognised personal trainer qualifications in the UK?

There are many courses for PTs in the UK, but choosing one with CIMSPA accreditation ensures you can demonstrate your knowledge and find employment at reputable centres. 

Our Online Personal Trainer Course is recognised by the CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Upon completion, you can become self-employed or work for large gyms, including Virgin Active, Nuffield Health, and Pure Gym. 

Can I study from home?

Yes, you can. Learning from home gives you more flexibility, and our courses are designed to offer the same knowledge as in-person courses. You can complete the course on your own time, fitting it around work and family commitments, and enjoy the convenience of home learning. 

Do I have to pay for the course outright?

Many courses require students to save up just to afford them. We offer flexible payment plans that ensure nothing gets in the way of your career dreams. 

Whether you want to pay upfront or split the course cost into convenient monthly instalments, studying with The Fitness Circle is a flexible way to gain personal trainer qualifications. 

How much can I earn as a PT?

Your earning potential depends on where you work and at what level. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a gym instructor is between £17K and £27K, with entry-level roles paying lower. 

Figures from Indeed show that qualified personal trainers have an average salary of £30,419, but you could earn more if you specialise or become self-employed. 

For example, some personal trainers might support professional athletes, and running your own business means higher earning potential. 

If you’re willing to put the work in, your earning potential is limitless. 

How long will the course take?

Some people complete it in a few months, while others take a year. It depends on how often you study and whether you prefer to take time with each module. 

With a dedicated team of fitness industry professionals, you’ll have ongoing support and a helping hand when navigating modules.