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The field of Personal Training in the modern day is rapidly evolving in line with the broad range of needs and goals of the clients they serve. The Level 4 Personal Training course equips learners with the additional skills and confidence to differentiate their services to other Personal Trainer. It focuses on a more scientific and evidence-based approach to programming, training, monitoring and managing clients which translates to better client retention as well as attracting new clients.

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As the needs and wants of clients are rapidly changing, so is the personal training industry. Clients demand more than ever, and today’s most successful personal trainers are fitness coaches, motivators, diet experts and goal-orientated specialists. To become a successful fitness industry professional, you must be able to offer a full-service solution for your clients. While a general personal training diploma offers many career benefits, the advanced certificate ensures you can progress into advanced roles. When you complete our Level 4 Personal Training certificate, you can move into management roles or specialise in a particular fitness area. There’s also the opportunity to earn more money and open your own business. So, if you want to turn your personal training or gym instructing job into a full-time career, with numerous opportunities to progress into higher roles – this is the course for you.

Our Level 4 Personal Trainer Course In Detail

Our CIMSPA-approved Level 4 Personal Training course gives you the confidence and skill set to stand out from other trainers and set yourself apart as a fitness specialist. While the general personal training diploma allows students to support clients with nutrition, sport and physical activity, an advanced certification enhances your fitness career. If you’re interested in focusing on a more evidence-based and scientific approach to training your clients and facilitating behaviour change techniques, so they reach their goals, this is the course for you.

Entry requirements

  • Knowledge of personal training techniques and anatomy.
  • A willingness to learn about scientific methods in depth. 
  • You must hold a Level 3 Personal Trainer diploma or an equivalent qualification.

Industry Leading Personal
Trainer course

The Fitness Circle have 26 years’ experience in qualifying Personal Trainers and fitness professionals. Enrolling onto our CIMSPA endorsed course means you’ll be working with a serviced-focused, experienced provider that continue to keep up with the latest sports science research.

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What you’ll learn

When you complete this personal training qualification, you’ll cover everything from a Personal Training Level 3 course in more detail. Advanced personal trainers offer a more intensive experience for clients and can work with them to understand the way their bodies respond to exercise.

  • Module 1: Researching scientific articles and use of information 

    Module 1: Researching scientific articles and use of information 

    Module info & overview:

    As an advanced personal trainer, you’ll need to learn how to apply scientific research to your fitness regimes. Many clients with conditions, including Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or hypothyroidism, will seek a specialist to support them with their weight loss and fitness journey, as these conditions require extra support. Upon completing this module, you’ll be able to quickly research different conditions and how they impact weight management and present the information to your clients.

    • How to access reputable information to support clients and continue your own professional development.
    • Learn about the advantages and limitations of different sources of information, including how to separate reputable sources from unreliable ones.
    • Applying research to support each client's journey and presenting it in a way they understand.
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  • Module 2: Using different technologies, psychological techniques and communication skills to enhance and manage the client's journey

    Module 2: Using different technologies, psychological techniques and communication skills to enhance and manage the client’s journey

    Module info & overview

    Technology is making it easier for people to monitor their lifestyles and change their exercise routines. Personal trainers have extensive health and wellness industry knowledge, so clients will often look to you for advice and support. This module will give you valuable techniques to motivate your clients, identify barriers to their weight loss journey and enable you to help individuals utilise technology.

    • Identify technologies to support, enhance and manage the client journey (applications, social media, wearables, digital and video analysis tools, software and retention tools)
    • Learn different theories such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), confidence building and behavioural support to enhance each client's journey.
    • Use other communication techniques to motivate your clients and maintain their focus.
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  • Module 3: Client assessments and how to analyse data to create specific client goals

    Module 3: Client assessments and how to analyse data to create specific client goals

    Module info & overview

    Client assessments are integral to providing a bespoke service because they enable you to evaluate a client’s current health. For example, an athlete recovering from an injury will have different abilities from a middle-aged woman who hasn’t exercised for years. By analysing a client’s abilities, you can create impactive exercise and nutrition plans that suit each person’s needs.

    • Understand assessment methods that can be used to identify a client's current capabilities.
    • Perform appropriate assessments in a safe setting.
    • Analyse and evaluate assessment results to create specific client goals.
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  • Module 4: Designing a short, medium and long-term fitness plan

    Module 4: Designing a short, medium and long-term fitness plan

    Module info & overview

    Goal setting allows clients and personal trainers to stay on top of their goals and measure progress throughout the fitness journey. It’s also a great way to offer a more personalised service, as each client will have different objectives. If someone has an injury, their short-term goal might be to walk without support, while their long-term objective would be to return to playing sport. Similarly, people with obesity might set a short-term goal to exercise more and change their diet, while the long-term objective would be to reach a particular clothing size. This module enables you to support each client with goal setting and create a fully bespoke plan that ensures they’ll move towards the final objective and achieve the best possible outcome.

    • Design a periodised progressive plan that effectively facilitates the achievement of a client's short, medium and long-term goals.
    • Minimise the risk of injury and put measures in place to protect clients.
    • Justify how each phase of the plan will facilitate the achievement of goals using credible information from reliable sources.
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  • Module 5: Coaching clients to optimise goal achievement

    Module 5: Coaching clients to optimise goal achievement

    Module info & overview

    Coaching clients can often seem easy, but how you approach these sessions will define your – and your clients – success. Our course teaches you how to communicate effectively with each person and adapt to their learning style. We’ll teach you the difference between verbal, visual and kinaesthetic teaching techniques, so you can adapt your style and help each client be successful.

    • Use client-friendly instructions, rules and techniques to develop a mutual understanding.
    • Appropriate verbal, visual and kinaesthetic cues to maximise performance and potential during each session.
    • Record key data and session modifications in a manner that adheres to legal and professional requirements.
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  • Module 6: Evaluate client progression to modify future plans

    Module 6: Evaluate client progression to modify future plans

    Module info & overview

    Your client will progress differently, and while some might see a great deal of weight loss at the beginning of their journey, others will experience slower results. As the training sessions continue, your job will be to monitor your client’s progress and use the information to modify plans to generate better results.

    • Use a range of methods to collect relevant information.
    • Analyse and explain the evaluation findings in a client-friendly manner.
    • Identify and agree on future modifications.
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The Fitness Circle support team & materials

With a personal tutor on hand to help you learn with us, we ensure that you are not alone during your studies.

Tutors with industry experience

Our tutors are dedicated, knowledgeable and best of all,
have personal training experience.

Industry-leading learning materials

  • Online video lectures and practical training videos
  • Premium learner manuals
  • Dedicated support tutor
  • Simplified study guide that is easy to follow
  • Customisable templates for case studies
  • Mock paper practice
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  • Way 2 Fitness Work

    ”The support and the knowledge given allowed me to start working in the industry straight way. I have and will continue to recommend their services to anyone looking to get qualified.”

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    Basketball Coach & PT

  • Nuna’s Nutritionist

    “I chose the The Fitness Circle because I could study the whole course online, in my own timeframe, which worked well with my schedule. It was a great experience.”

    Nuna’s Nutrition


  • Helle Hammonds Celebrity Personal Trainer

    “I qualified as a PT with The Fitness Circle over 10 years ago and will still recommend them to this day.”

    Helle Hammonds

    Celebrity Personal Trainer

  • Tom ‘Kong’ Watson Personal Trainer

    “The Fitness Circle will teach you everything you need to know to get you started in a career in Personal Training”

    Tom ‘Kong’ Watson

    Former MMA Champion



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The Level 4 diploma is one of the most advanced personal trainer courses available and offers plenty of career opportunities. Gyms and health clubs always look for highly qualified and advanced fitness professionals so that you can look forward to better prospects.

Some of our students progress onto other advanced personal training courses, including working with professional sports teams to enhance their athletic performance or focusing on supporting pre and post-natal women.

Others might use the skills and knowledge to open their gym and offer fitness facilities to clients. There are many routes to take with our Level 4 Personal Trainer course, and you can look forward to becoming a sought-after fitness professional.

Why choose our personal trainer courses?


At The Fitness Circle, we pride ourselves on offering a range of expert courses for individuals already working in – or interested in – the fitness industry. A personal trainer gives clients the opportunity to learn about health and fitness in a secure setting, with professional support.

As a training provider that cares about your development, we go out of our way to ensure you succeed and will always be on hand to offer support.

Support from exercise professionals

Each of our tutors is a qualified personal trainer, so you get the best possible support when you learn with us. With our specialist knowledge, online learning has never been more accessible, and we’re confident you’ll love the advanced diploma in personal training.

Upon completing the course, you’ll have the opportunity to build a successful career in management or as a personal trainer with specialist skills.

Flexible payment options

Taking advantage of our experienced tutors doesn’t have to cost the earth – especially when we offer flexible payment options. Better still, you can take advantage of the many 0% interest payment plans available, which allow you to study and work simultaneously.

Our graduates become high-earning fitness professionals

Our courses will enhance your career, with many newcomers to the industry taking advantage of our entry-level gym instructor course before moving onto the level 3 personal trainer qualification, which is the industry standard.

Many of our students are self-employed, while others work as gym instructors, personal trainers or managers at prestigious gyms/health centres, including:

  • Virgin Gyms

  • Anytime Fitness

  • Pure Gym

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