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Nutrition and physical activity are the cornerstones of weight loss management, and personal trainers with extensive knowledge can offer a tailor-made programme to their clients.

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Nutrition and physical activity are the cornerstones of weight loss management, and personal trainers with extensive knowledge can offer a tailor-made programme to their clients.

Our Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity course gives you the skills and knowledge to aid your clients’ weight loss through healthy eating and athletic performance. With expert trainers to support your learning journey and interactive modules, you can learn at home in your own time.

The Fitness Circle gives students the flexibility to study their way, with flexible payments and unparalleled support, enabling you to get the career you deserve.

  • CIMSPA Certified

  • Flexible Payments

  • Distance Learning

Gain valuable expertise with the Level 3 Nutrition to Support Physical Activity course

Our specialist nutrition course aims to give learners a broad knowledge of dietary principles that aid in weight loss and maintain athletic performance. With a variety of modules, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and understand the principles of nutrition.

  • Clearly explain the link between nutrition, health and physical activity.

  • Understand and incorporate nutritional guidelines into a physical activity programme, collecting evidence to support your plans.

  • Support clients by providing nutritional advice that supports exercise performance.

  • Help people understand the risks of poor nutrition.

  • Provide feedback that will support client goals and help them make lifestyle changes.

  • Apply your knowledge to various groups, developing tailor-made programmes.

  • Support athletes with post-event nutrition and develop performance nutrition plans.


Industry leading Level 3 Nutrition

Our Level 3 Nutrition to support physical acitivity course gives you extensive knowledge about nutrition for weight management and the ability to align diet to exercise plans.

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What can I do upon completion of the Level 3 award in nutrition?

Our nutrition courses for personal trainers allow you to deliver bespoke programmes for a range of clients, allowing you to progress your career. Once you finish the training, you can support client goals in numerous ways. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Provide weight loss courses and training

    Research published by the House of Commons Library shows that obesity rates continue to increase in the UK, with many people failing to find the right balance between dietary habits and exercise.

    While personal training professionals can help clients lose weight through exercise and general dietary advice, you can provide a more bespoke experience. From utilising nutritional information to providing courses at fitness events, you can build a successful career as a trainer.

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  • Provide sports nutritional advice

    Athletes have diverse needs, but diet is one of the most crucial areas of their success. Whether it’s preparing for sports or fitness events or post-workout nutrition, you’ll help them find the right combination of proteins, fibres, carbs and vitamins.

    Working with professional athletes might mean following specific nutritional protocols, and the right fitness qualifications can help you advance your career.

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  • Work with special groups

    Nutritional courses for personal trainers also allow you to provide classes for older adults and people with unique needs. Being able to develop fitness programmes and combining them with your nutritional knowledge means you’ll be in demand and can specialise.

    For example, childhood obesity is a growing problem in the UK, and early education can help young people make the right choices later on in life.

    There’s also the opportunity to support vegans and vegetarians who have unique dietary requirements and might not utilise nutrition support without the right plan.

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  • Become self-employed

    If you’re interested in professional development and want to diversify your career options, there are plenty of opportunities to open your own gym or become an independent nutrition coach. Many people search for an online nutrition coach, UK based and starting your own business gives you more flexibility.

    Whether developing weight loss courses or teaching people how to access credible nutrition information, you can make a lot of money working from home.

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We are uniquely positioned to offer high-quality courses at affordable rates, without compromising on quality. This is made even easier for you with our 0% finance options, meaning that you can spread the costs of the course up to 12 months depending on the course price.


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With a personal tutor on hand to help you learn with us, we ensure that you are not alone during your studies.

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Our tutors are dedicated, knowledgeable and best of all,
have personal training experience.

Industry-leading learning materials

  • Online video lectures and practical training videos
  • Premium learner manuals
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  • Customisable templates for case studies
  • Mock paper practice
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Our graduates are thriving

We are uniquely positioned to offer high-quality courses at affordable rates, without compromising on quality. This is made even easier for you with our 0% finance options, meaning that you can spread the costs of the course up to 12 months depending on the course price.

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Meet your career goals with our nutrition courses for personal trainers

The Fitness Circle is a reputable provider of courses for fitness industry professionals, offering our students the opportunity to advance their skills.

With over 26 years of providing professional instruction to personal trainers, our unique CIMSPA-endorsed nutrition course enables you to gain specialist knowledge. Studying with us gives you access to numerous benefits.

Interactive learning materials

The Level 3 Nutrition to Support Physical Activity course was created by our highly experienced fitness industry professionals, and we go out of our way to ensure you have an interactive learning experience.

With diverse trainers creating hugely beneficial content, you’ll get everything you need to succeed in one convenient course. Videos, quizzes, mock papers and case studies make the learning experience more enjoyable and give you real-life scenarios.

Dedicated tutors

Studying with The Fitness Circle gives you access to some of the most experienced fitness professionals. Our tutors have worked with groups and individual clients, helping them improve performance and address their nutritional needs.

With decades of combined experience, each tutor has specialist nutrition knowledge and will help you navigate your course successfully.

Flexible payment options

We get that some people might be unable to buy a course outright, but our flexible payments give you more flexibility. Whether you split the course over a few payments or contribute a monthly amount, you can focus on your future without worrying about the present.

With The Fitness Circle, it’s always the right time to invest in learning and enjoy a more diverse personal training career.

Our personal trainer courses get you where you want to be

Whether it’s helping clients reach a nutritional goal or combining your knowledge to create a professional athlete physical activity programme, our Level 3 specialist nutrition course enables you to decide where your career goes.

Many of our students go on to work in some of the UK’s most reputable gyms, including Virgin Active and Pure Gym, but nutritional qualifications improve your employment options and can help you start your own business.

If you’d like advice on our courses, please contact us today. Otherwise, add the course to your cart and start learning immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn upon completing the Level 3 nutrition course?

How much you earn depends on the courses you take and the certifications you gain. Many of our students enjoy a successful career across health centres and weight loss clinics. Generally, a trainer with nutritional knowledge can charge between £25 and £40 hourly for one-to-one diet consultations.

If you combine nutritional support with personal training, you could earn £80 an hour. So, as you can see, the earning potential is massive.

Who should take a personal trainer nutrition course?

Our course is ideal for qualified personal trainers, sports coaches and anyone in the fitness industry who wants to understand nutrition in more detail. As a Level 3 certification, you should be qualified up to Level 2, but some people do the course without other certifications.

However, a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification will help you navigate the modules easily as you’ll already have personal training knowledge.

How long does the course take?

It depends on how often you study and whether you’re working full-time. In most cases, students complete the course within two to four weeks.

Can I work and learn at the same time?

Our general and sports nutrition courses are home study-based for independent learning. We recommend you spend 6-10 hours a week on your course because it’s essential to understand obesity prevention and circumstances that might impact a person’s weight.

I’ve never studied from home before. How do I know I’ll have support?

Our online courses don’t just provide you with essential knowledge about fitness and nutrition; they give you all the tools you’ll need to build a successful career. Through interactive e-learning and a commitment to provide you with the best experience possible, we’re a training provider that puts you first.

Our expert tutors are always available to offer support and guidance, so while you won’t be in the classroom, you won’t miss out on a full learning experience.