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The fitness industry is becoming an essential part of our lives because it assists our lives in a variety of ways, from physical and visible, to psychological, helping to relieve stress and facilitate relaxation. The importance of health is becoming increasingly important as we are all currently facing a pandemic. However, although this pandemic is affecting all of our lives it should not get in the way of our goals.

It is now possible to qualify as a personal trainer 100% online through our Personal Trainer course.

Become the best personal trainer and improve other people’s lives.

Online Personal Trainer

Our online personal trainer course is internationally recognised and CIMSPA endorsed, written and presented by industry experts. It can be completed from anywhere in the world, at your own pace, with unlimited support as a standard.

Make your hobby your profession. Become an expert Personal Trainer and specialise in your own niche, gain access to a boom industry with real employment opportunities.

With our course you’ll:

– Dive deep into the different areas of Nutrition to support an individual’s journey of health

– Design exercise programmes in an effective and safe manner

– Set yourself apart by discovering the psychology of coaching

– Understand marketing strategies to improve to give your business a boost

We have created, without a doubt, the most comprehensive and updated program that exists. This training is what differentiates an expert from a professional.

With our online personal training courses, you will become a fitness expert and will be able to train people online, in the gym or even in the park. We teach the important knowledge of proper training so that you can improve your quality of life and that of your clients, having the opportunity to be properly advised and directed to achieve all the proposed goals. We provide one of the best online personal training courses UK.

Once enrolled you will receive instant access to your online personal trainer course at your home. You’ll then proceed through the course in your own comfort, at your own pace and qualify in your own style.

With personalised monitoring and live tutor contact, video based learning and the most comprehensive learning materials worldwide, rest assured you will be on the right path to achieving your goals.

Virtual course (Online) with a professional Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

  • Taught by experts.
  • Online tutoring available during the course.
  • Your own schedule.


Our online pt course aims at all those interested in qualifying as a personal trainer and nutritionist, creating exercise programmers, nutrition guidance, or even to improve yours and your family’s health through fitness.