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The online fitness industry has experienced a major rush since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching a $96.7 billion high in 2020. Making cool cash as a personal trainer is viable. So how do you become a trainer in the UK? Well, you simply take a personal trainer course in the UK. You can do this by registering for an online personal training course from a certified training provider. By definition, a personal trainer is an individual who has deservedly received a certification that proves they have achieved competency in creating and delivering safe and effective exercise programs for healthy people or people with medical clearance to exercise. Certification is key.

If you are looking to be a personal trainer, or advance your training skills: We have provided some information that will help you achieve this.

 How does an online personal training course work?

A personal trainer course will teach you all you need to know about human physiology and anatomy. You will also get useful knowledge on training design and cardiovascular programs. Online personal training delves further into the systems of the body, discusses principles of personal training and safety. As a student, you will have access to instructors and experts that will help you with your studies. You will also be required to complete assignments, but who doesn’t like homework.

As a personal trainer, you are required to promote physical activity, and training health in your clients. You must help them reach their goals of physical fitness and offer them advice in terms of their diet and nutrition. On completion of your online personal training course, you have the option of taking other advanced courses such as business management, cycling, and outdoor training.

How do you get certified?

Certifications are at the heart of the fitness space, right beside big glutes and arms. There are four levels of certification in the qualification system, namely: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. Every fitness instructor is on at least a Level 2 certificate; this is the foundation of your training career. But even at Level 2, you are not there yet, because a Level 3 certificate is the minimum requirement to becoming a personal trainer. Just like in any fair game, reaching a Level 3 PT qualification may require you to already have a Level 2 certificate. Some courses embed a Level 2 in a Level 3. Personal trainers who specialize in particular exercises, such as low back pain management or corrective exercise specialist wield the Level 4 certification. If you are taking an online personal training course in the UK we recommend you get a level three certificate to stay relevant.

How do you certify your certification?

Before you go ahead with the online personal trainer course, you must ensure your course provider is certified. The most prominent governing body for the fitness industry in the UK

is CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Accreditation, directly or indirectly by CIMSPA is paramount in choosing the right personal training course provider for you. Some training providers may claim to be CIMSPA accredited and even put the CIMSPA logo on their banners but they may not be. There is a directory provided by CIMSPA that lists personal trainer course providers approved by the organization. Use that as a reference. Some other reputable awarding bodies are YMCA Awards, Active IQ, NCFE, and VTCT.

ActiveIQ is recognized by CIMSPA, and so any online personal trainer course providers endorsed by ActiveIQ are indirectly endorsed by CIMSPA. We believe Active IQ are the leaders because their content is up to date, and they are American owned and America is a leader in sport science.

Taking courses from certified providers automatically ensures the most quality and relevance, reflected in your certificate upon completion.

In conclusion

We have discussed the essential determinants in choosing a good personal trainer course. If you are in the UK, you can easily gain employment in the fitness industry or work independently as a personal trainer by following our advice. Taking a personal trainer course is the best way to practice as a certified and professional personal trainer in the UK.

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