Personal Training Levels: The Ultimate Guide

If the idea of sitting at a desk all day fills you with horror, a personal training career might be ideal for you. It’s anything but boring and can be a highly rewarding career choice because it helps others reach their goals and build confidence.

The best thing about personal training certifications is that you don’t need a degree or A-Levels, so they’re also great if you want to make a radical career change.

However, it can be challenging to get started, especially if you’re unsure of which qualifications you need and how to begin your training.

Well, stick around because we’ll tell you everything you need to know about personal training levels in this guide.

What skills do personal trainers need?

Being a personal trainer is more than just working with clients and helping them see results. It’s also about inspiring them to reach their full potential and making a difference in their lives.

To be a successful personal trainer, you must have a wide range of skills, including a passion for helping others.

While many people think they’ll always get to work with enthusiastic clients who love the experience, the truth is that some people might need to lose weight for medical reasons or their profession.

A successful personal trainer will always be ready to motivate and support their clients through all the hard times, but the job requires a lot of patience.

You also need to be knowledgeable about exercise science (or willing to learn about them). The ability to design safe and effective workout programs is also essential because it will be your responsibility to ensure your clients aren’t at risk.

Personal trainers also have to be excellent communicators because strong client relationships are central to your and the client’s ability to fulfil the objectives.

Choosing personal training courses

So, you love the gym, care about your body and want to help others. Great! Those are the three basic principles of being a successful personal trainer.

Now, you just need to find the right course for your needs.

There are plenty to choose between, but it’s best to start with a beginner’s personal training course because it lets you dip your toe into the water before investing a lot of money in more advanced qualifications.

The Level 2 Gym Instructor course is perfect for new learners, as it provides a sound knowledge base and equips you to work in a gym environment.

However, if you already have a job or general knowledge of personal training, it might be better to take our Personal Training Diploma, which combines the Level 2 and Level 2 study.

Let’s take a look at each course in more detail.

The general personal training levels

When most people are interested in personal training, they’ll usually embark on a general course because it gives them the foundational knowledge to build a career.

Once you have the foundational qualifications and experience, you can specialise in certain areas, depending on where you want your future career to be.

Let’s take a look at the general personal training levels.

Level 2 Gym Instructor Certificate

If you’re new to the industry and want to learn how to help other people reach their fitness goals, this is the course for you. It’s a foundational qualification, so there are no entry requirements – just a keen interest in fitness.

You can complete this course online, and our experienced tutors are always available to offer support and feedback on assignments.

The course covers essential areas of fitness instructing, including:

  • The principles of anatomy, physiology and fitness

  • Performing client consultations

  • Health and safety in a fitness environment

  • Planning and conducting gym-based exercising

  • Professionalism and customer care for fitness instructors

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Consult with potential clients about their goals

  • Evaluate whether a specific fitness class is suitable for participants with health conditions

  • Plan and deliver dynamic fitness classes for groups

  • Maintain a professional and customer-focused attitude

Many people view this course as a pathway into the personal training industry because it gives you an idea of the work you’d do without investing a lot of time in a personal trainer diploma.

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Level 3 Certificate In Personal Training

The Level 2 Personal Trainer course is what many regard as the industry’s professional qualification, as it certifies you to work as a PT in numerous settings. If you complete the Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification and want to further your career, this is the course for you.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Applied anatomy and physiology: Understand and recognises how each part of the body relates to health and exercise.

  • Health, lifestyle and medical conditions: The risks of exercise with certain medical conditions and lifestyle assessments.

  • Programme design and delivery: Learn how to create individual fitness programmes for clients to reach their health goals.

  • Nutrition: Understand the relationship between food and weight to offer clients nutritional advice.

  • Encouraging positive behaviours towards health and fitness: Effectively communicate with clients and work on any barriers preventing a positive relationship with health and fitness.

  • Business marketing: Learn how to succeed in the health and fitness industry and build a successful career.

Upon completion of the Level 2 Personal Trainer course, you’ll be able to find employment in numerous settings, including gyms, health centres or even start your own business.

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Level 4 Personal Trainer Courses

The Level 4 Personal Training qualification is suitable for certified trainers who want to enter managerial roles. It offers a more in-depth study on fitness and nutrition principles, as well as extra advice on building and marketing a business.

While this qualification isn’t necessary for a career in personal training, it can be beneficial. However, you can also take extra courses to become a specialist if you’d prefer to focus on a fitness career instead of running an entire gym or health centre.

Next, we’ll take a look at them.

Specialist personal training qualifications

The great thing about being a personal trainer is the sheer amount of opportunities available. Gym instructing or working one on one with clients is just one of the ways you can use your skills.

Whether you want to become an assessor or focus on a particular group of clients, you can always further your study and diversify your interests with The Fitness Circle.

Level 3 Assessing Qualification

The assessing qualification is an advanced personal training certification that enables you to mentor other fitness professionals during their studies. If you’re a qualified personal trainer but want to develop your career further, this course can help you take a more advanced route.

Qualified assessors have plenty of opportunities, and while many work for a specific gym or training provider, others might choose to offer freelance services. Plenty of gyms and health clubs offer training opportunities for students to become fitness instructors or personal trainers, so you can earn a competitive daily rate.

The course includes:

  • Understanding the roles, responsibilities and relationships in training

  • Understanding the principles of assessments

  • Access vocational skills and understanding

There are also two optional units with various modules to choose between. These units allow you to further your understanding of assessing and tutoring while focusing on a particular study area.

Optional Unit B:

  • Understand and use inclusive learning and teaching approaches in training and education

  • Facilitate training and development for groups of learners

  • Facilitate training and development for individual learners

Optional Unit C:

  • Understanding assessment in training and education

  • Understanding practices and principles of assessment

Upon completion of the course, you’ll be able to work with students on a one-to-one or group basis, providing them with the tools they need to succeed as personal trainers.

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Children’s Fitness Course

It’s no secret that society is becoming more conscious of the ongoing battle with obesity, and child obesity increased by 9% in 2020/2021 (NHS). Physical activity is essential for children to grow into healthy adults, and some personal training services cater to younger people.

Our course enables you to work with children and improve their fitness knowledge in a safe environment.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop fitness programmes for younger people

  • Inject fun into the exercise experience

  • Understanding how to spot and manage safeguarding issues

  • Learn how exercise plays a part in child development

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Our online personal trainer courses are designed to help you succeed

At The Fitness Circle, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become a personal trainer, regardless of their background. Many of our students decide they want to embark on a life-changing career later in life, and our online courses offer you the convenience of studying in the comfort of your home.

With an expert team of advisors on hand to help you navigate the trickier areas of the course, you’ll be on your way to a rewarding career in the fitness sector.

Many of our students go on to study for a specialist fitness qualification or work as self-employed personal trainers.

If you have any questions about our courses or want to discuss how our online study program works, please get in touch with us.

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