How to choose the right Personal Trainer course and Gym Instructor course in London?

So, you’ve decided that you want to become qualified in Personal Training, and want to get the certification so that you can legitimately train somebody on a 1-to-1 basis or instruct group sessions. What is your next step? You will need to choose a legitimate course that fits well with your lifestyle.

WARNING – there are many fraudulent courses out there claiming to run recognised courses. We promise that if you stick with the following rules when choosing a course, you shouldn’t have any issues:

 Rule 1: Will this course let me achieve a recognised qualification?

This is the number one and most important rule of all. The 2 most recognised awarding bodies for Personal Training courses in the UK are Active IQ & YMCA Awards, therefore to be extra safe and avoid scams only select courses that run their courses through the 2 aforementioned awarding bodies. We use Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training not only because their content is the most concurrent with today’s science, but their customer service is brilliant which means we can get our student their certificates quickly.

 diploma in fitness instructing personal training

Rule 2: Do they have reviews online WHICH AREN’T on their own website?

Be sure to check reviews of a company before going ahead with them. Also do not judge them based on reviews on their own website, because that can easily be edited by themselves. Look for reviews on independent platforms such as Trustpilot, Facebook or Google reviews. If they do not have any online to see, then they may be trying to hide something. When searching for personal training course London and gym instructing course, always check reviews!

Rule 3: Do I need to travel far for my practical assessment?

A lot of fake promises are also made by companies. They’ll claim to be 100% online but realistically you will need to go to a Centre near to you to sit your multiple-choice theory tests. Remember, there are two for level 2 Gym Instructing and two for level 3 Personal Training which, for most people, is not achievable in one day. Recently we were speaking to somebody who lived in London but needed to travel up to Birmingham for the assessments. This individual was told it can all be done in one day however she then found that it was £100 per resit, and there were only 2 available assessment dates per year. She transferred her course to us immediately and completes all her Personal Training course in London.

London Personal Trainer courses:

The Fitness Circle have been running courses for 20 years successfully, and are now one of the most respected training providers in the UK. We deliver our courses though a method called blended learning, which consists of up to 6 face-to-face workshops combined with flexible home study – supported by a distance support tutor.

If you are interested in a reputable London personal trainer course, adhering to the rules above then get in touch with us. Click the contact button at the top and speak to a course adviser today!

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