How To Become A Zumba Instructor

Is there anything more fun than Zumba? We think not. It’s an explosion of fun music, dancing and a fantastic way to burn those extra calories.

If you want to enjoy a rewarding career as a Zumba instructor, there are specific skills and qualifications you should have. However, you can learn those skills and do something you genuinely love.

In this guide, we’ll cover how you can become a Zumba instructor and reveal what it takes to become successful in this rewarding and exciting role.

What is Zumba, and why is it so popular?

Zumba is a dance fitness program created by Alberto “Beto” Perez, a Colombian choreographer. Taking inspiration from Latin American dance, he made Zumba.

The exercise routine uses fast-paced music with a range of movements that burn calories – in an enjoyable way.

Many people attend Zumba group fitness classes, but virtual classes and one-to-one trainers are also popular ways to enjoy the vibrant way to shed excess weight.

There are many reasons for Zumba’s popularity. Let’s take a look at them.

Zumba is a fun and effective workout

Let’s face it; heading to the gym isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but Zumba offers an alternative to traditional exercises. It doesn’t even feel like working out because people have so much fun while getting their recommended cardio in – and losing calories.

There are no pre-requisites

While Zumba is a form of dance, participants don’t need any previous Latin dancing experience, and it’s suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Whether new to exercise or want to try something new, Zumba classes are available for people of all levels.

Zumba is highly accessible

Most gyms and fitness centres offer Zumba classes because they know they’ll always fill up quickly.

People also book in advance, so anyone attending the classes can use them to make new friends and release stress from daily life.

Zumba instructors help people learn

Anyone can do Zumba, so there’s no need for skills and training. Instructors teach the classes, so people with zero dance experience might find it helps them learn some coordination.

Why becoming a Zumba dance fitness instructor could be the best career choice you ever make

There are many opportunities in the fitness industry, and enthusiasts can enjoy professional development and financial security. Working in the fitness industry doesn’t require a degree, so it’s a highly popular choice for career changes.

As we covered above, Zumba is a popular form of dance fitness, and plenty of people love attending classes.

Becoming a Zumba instructor will allow you to enjoy a rewarding career. But is it right for you?

Do you want every single workday to be full of fun?

Zumba is a high-energy workout that requires a lot of motivation. For some instructors, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a fun-filled day – especially compared to other forms of exercise.

If you love working in an interactive environment and find you’re the kind of person that always has loads of energy, Zumba could be ideal for you.

Would you like to be in demand?

There is a growing demand for Zumba instructors as more and more people are looking for fun and effective ways to get in shape.

With a Zumba certification, you can teach classes at gyms, studios, or community centres. It’s a great way to earn money while helping others improve their health and well-being.

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of your students?

As a Zumba instructor, you will have the opportunity to positively impact your students’ lives. You’ll help them to improve their physical health, but you will also help them to reduce stress, increase energy levels, and boost self-confidence.

Teaching Zumba classes can be an enriching experience, as it’s one of the rare forms of exercise that doesn’t even feel like hard work.

What skills does a Zumba instructor need?

The best thing about Zumba is anyone can learn it and look forward to teaching others. However, some skills will help you along the way.


It might seem an obvious requirement, but Zumba instructors need a sense of rhythm. Luckily, you can learn how to stay in time with music and learn the technical elements of Zumba, but people with dance skills will find it easier.

Zumba classes require teaching skills

A Zumba instructor also needs to be able to teach others, as Zumba can be quite technical for beginners. You should be able to break down the steps of a routine so that students can understand and follow along.

Energy and motivation

Leading a Zumba class is an aerobic activity, which means that it requires a lot of energy. A Zumba instructor needs to maintain their energy level throughout the class to keep the students engaged.

You should also lead by example and motivate your students. After all, nobody wants to dance when their instructor sulks and looks like they don’t want to be there.

A friendly personality

Since Zumba classes are typically in groups, it helps Zumba instructors to be outgoing and friendly. You’ll have to dance in front of your group and ensure everyone feels welcome during each session.

Zumba instructor training options

It’s important to remember that you’ll have to train to become a Zumba instructor with the official company. The official Zumba website has a range of courses available, both online and via Zoom, but training does require some investment.

You can choose between two qualifications:

Zumba Basics 1 – £274.85

The Zumba entry-level qualification is ideal for people who want to learn about teaching dance moves and developing the skills required for different styles of Latin American dancing.

It’s a great starting point for anyone, and upon completion, you’ll receive a one-year license to run Zumba classes.

Jump Start Gold – £283.44

The Jump Start Gold qualification is highly popular because it includes Zumba Basics 1 and allows people to teach older adults too.

You’ll receive the one-year license and extra materials to offer a more bespoke service to individuals with mobility issues.

How to get qualified

With training courses across the UK, there are plenty of opportunities to become a certified Zumba instructor, but it’s important to consider whether it’s the right step.

Many people start with an ETM qualification and then choose to specialise in Zumba further down the line.

Why choose an Exercise to Music course?

The best way to become a certified Zumba instructor is by taking a CIMSPA-certified exercise to music course, which will give you the knowledge and skills to implement Zumba classes.

The Fitness Circle offers a dynamic and fully online Exercise to Music course for learners from all backgrounds.

When you learn how to instruct groups, you can diversify your career, teaching general exercise classes and Zumba.

An ETM qualification is also accredited, so you can secure more clients and get stable work, while there’s no guarantee that people in your area will enjoy Zumba.

Also, many fitness centres and gyms require an exercise to music qualification, even if a Zumba instructor is fully certified.

What you’ll get with our exercise to music qualification

When you choose the Fitness Circle, you get to study entirely at your own pace and learn how to hold group classes teaching pre-choreographed programmes or design effective workouts to music.

Entry requirements:

Absolutely none! Just a passion for fitness, a willingness to learn and the ability to study online at your convenience.


You’ll gain an excellent understanding of exercise to music in this course, with the following modules helping you along the way:

  • Module 1 – The principles of anatomy, physiology and fitness

  • Module 2 – Health and safety in a fitness environment – along with group training

  • Module 3 – Planning and implementing group training Zumba sessions

  • Module 4 – Understanding professionalism in group environments

  • Module 5 – Supporting clients to make healthy changes and alter destructive behaviours

What you’ll get

Once you complete our music-to-exercise course, you’ll receive a CIMSPA certificate, which proves your knowledge and is highly regarded within the fitness industry.

You’ll also be able to find a job running both in-person and online classes. Combining the qualification with a licensed Zumba instructor course will give you more opportunities in terms of your career prospects.

Why study with The Fitness Circle?

The Fitness Circle is one of the UK’s highest regarded training centres, specialising in creating knowledgeable and pro-active fitness instructors. If you want to teach Zumba, we’re confident that you’ll love the learning experience we offer.

Here’s what you get when you choose to study with us.

Study when and where you want

Our courses are designed to help you study at your own pace, so there’s no pressure. Some students complete it within a couple of months, while others prefer to take their time.

Flexible study options ensure you get the most out of the learning experience while being able to prepare for an exciting instructor career.

Access to our professional instructor network

From the moment you begin studying with The Fitness Circle, you’ll have access to the best support from specialist personal trainers.

Whether it’s support with one of the modules or any questions about the training course, our tutors are just one question away, ensuring you get the best possible support.

Flexible payments

We know how difficult it is to change careers, so we make sure each student can enjoy flexible payments. You can pay in full, or spread the cost over a period of time, ensuring you’re able to study immediately.

Start your journey today

If you’re interested in becoming an exercise to music instructor, please view our course or contact us with any questions. Many opportunities are available, and taking the first step to becoming a professional Zumba instructor couldn’t be easier with The Fitness Circle.

We look forward to supporting you on your learning journey.

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