How much can a Personal Trainer earn in 2021?

There is no short answer for how much a personal trainer can make as it depends on the individual. According to, a personal trainer can make anything from £16,000 to £84,000+ which is a pretty vast range. A gym instructor on the other hand can, according to Payscale, can earn anything from £15k-£27k+ but that would be because a gym instructor is only level 2 qualified, which takes a few weeks to get, whereas a personal trainer is level 3 qualified which takes a bit longer.

Earning potential of a PT based on 25 hours per week

The amount you will charge will depend on a number of factors including location, experience and the most neglected – marketing. You can check out our guide to PT marketing here.

Hourly charge Weekly income Monthly income Yearly income
£20 £500 £2000 £24000
£30 £750 £3000 £36000
£40 £1000 £4000 £48000
£50 £1250 £5000 £60000
£60 £1500 £6000 £72000
£70 £1750 £7000 £84000

Average income based off 25 hours per week

Working in a gym as a PT and how much you’ll earn.

It’s very difficult to compare the earnings between gyms because the range of the salary is so large even within the same gym. For example, a PT in Pure Gym can earn £20k whereas another PT in the same gym can earn £50k. Moreover, gyms in the UK will differ in regards to the structuring of the job, which in turn affects the salary. Confusing? Probably, but we will try our best to explain how the structuring of gyms work below and the according average salaries.

Something else to consider would be the demographic of the different gyms. Somebody paying a premium membership at David Lloyds may have more disposable income than some members at more affordable gyms such as Easy Gym.

Virgin Active: Personal Trainers are paid a set hourly rate and are fully employed. No rent fees.

Pure Gym: Freelance Personal trainers, so PT’s will receive 100% of the income but will be require to work 15 hours on the gym floor for free, running classes and inductions. This is a great time to pick up clients.

Nuffield Health: PTs will receive a base salary and will receive an additional commission with targets.

The Gym: Depends on the gym, but you may pay a rental fee to receive 100% of income from the client.

Anytime Fitness: Rent paid but keep 100% of income.

David Lloyds: Personal Trainers receive 100% of the generated income from clients and are required to cover a set number of hours per week in the gym delivering classes and inductions. No rent.

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