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To be fit is a dream for many, so imagine being able to fulfil people’s dreams for a living. This is totally possible with one of our courses.

There are a number of fitness courses you can do get into the industry. If you don’t have any fitness qualifications then the Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training is for you. If you  are already a qualified Gym Instructor then the level 3 certificate in Personal Training is all you’ll need.

Enroll In The Most Reputed Institute:

There are many institutes that understand the growing demand of the fitness trainers and contribute their teaching to bring out the best and knowledgeable trainers for you. To bring out the best personal trainers in health and fitness industry is never an easy job.

The most required qualification for a trainer is to get the aforementioned level 3 certificate in personal training. Get yourself enrolled in the courses offered by the most reputed fitness training centers.

The Fitness Circle is one of the best and most reputed training school for fitness courses which has locations in Birmingham and London. They offer wide variety of fitness courses at all levels. All of our instructors and coaches are experienced and well-qualified. This is one of the best places for level 3 personal trainer course London so if you are a fitness lover then you’ll benefit from our course.

High quality practical sessions in the Gym:

We use the most up-to-date gym facilities giving you the best possible practical experience during your training. All the workout machines that are being installed over the years are branded and top end model. It has a studio, resistance machines, kettle bells, CV machines and of course a Free weight area.

Why to Choose The Fitness Circle?

Enroll yourself quickly with level 3 diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. We offer best coaching with following advantages.

  • Affordable courses at all the levels
  • Standardized practices whenever necessary
  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Flexibility in learning option

Get your level 3 personal trainer course London from the most reputed institute. We have been running these courses for 20 years and we are one of the most recognised institutes. We always make sure that our study materials are updated with latest evolving topics.

To enroll yourself in Level 3 Certificate In Personal Training course you just need to have your level 2 completion certificate but if you don’t, then you’ll need to get our level 3 diploma in fitness instructing and personal training which includes the level 2 certification also. Sign up today to become a leading instructor!

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

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