Exercise To Music Instructor Jobs and Opportunities

There’s never been a better time to embark on a rewarding career in the fitness industry. Research by Statista shows that the industry continues to grow and only saw a decline in clients during the pandemic.

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives and encourage change through fitness, you’ll find plenty of prospects as a qualified instructor.

One of the most popular – and lucrative – career moves is to become an exercise to music instructor and give clients a fun but proactive way to improve their physical health and lose weight.

The Fitness Circle offers a fully online ETM course, preparing you for industry employment. The biggest question we receive from prospective students is whether they’ll have opportunities upon course completion.

There are so many excellent opportunities for exercise to music instructors, and we’re about to reveal them.

Stay tuned to see what career progression and roles you could look forward to.

What does an exercise to music instructor do?

As an exercise to music instructor, your job will involve helping groups of people improve their fitness in a fun setting. Instead of simply running on a treadmill or going for a walk, these exercise classes combine music to make the experience more fun.

Fitness class instructors with a music qualification can teach a wide range of classes, including traditional aerobics (without the 80s perms), spinning, bums and tums, water aerobics – and much more.

The best thing about completing a music instructor course is it sets you up for a varied career where every day is different. You could teach classes to seniors, new mums, and children, all in one week – helping each group understand the importance of regular exercise.

The benefits of teaching group exercise classes

Gaining a music teaching qualification is an investment into your future, but many agree it’s worth it. Once you become a certified instructor, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits associated with the career.

Here are some of the most prominent advantages.


As we mentioned, exercise to music classes come in a range of formats, including:

  • Indoor cycling

  • Aerobics/Water aerobics

  • Boxing

  • Yoga

  • Dance-related exercise classes

  • Bums and tums

Along with the variety of courses available, instructors can conduct friendly exercise sessions for seniors who might be nervous about attending a session with young people, school-age children, and individuals with disabilities.

In simple terms, you’ll never get bored and will have the opportunity to run a range of fitness classes – especially if you have excellent communication skills.


Teaching classes to people who might not be confident in their physical abilities will always be rewarding because participants will become healthier and happier.

As a group exercise instructor, you can also work with specific clients who might have additional needs, which means you’re contributing to society.

When your clients reach their weight goals and find a new activity they enjoy, you can also look forward to higher class retention rates and word-of-mouth recommendations.


People are more aware now than ever that what they eat and how often they exercise will impact their overall health. If you can build rapport, motivate your participants and deliver superb classes, you’ll enjoy a successful career.

Whether that’s working for a popular gym or boutique fitness club, the earning potential for newly qualified instructors is up to £24,500 per year. There are also opportunities to earn more as a specialist instructor or start your own business.

What job and career opportunities do group exercise instructors have?

The exercise to music course is the minimum teaching qualification for instructors to run classes and will provide proof of your abilities for prospective employers.

Most new instructors will seek employment to build their skills and develop a proven track record of working with clients, but there are other avenues to explore.

Here are the job and career opportunities available to you.

Working for an employer

As a newly qualified instructor, finding employment in an established gym or leisure centre is a good idea because you can learn from senior staff members and develop your skills.

While the earning potential might be lower, you’ll need to prove your capabilities as an instructor before exploring any other avenues.

Gyms and leisure centres will always need talented instructors – especially as exercise to music classes are so popular, and many will hire newly qualified people.

Become a specialist instructor

Some people prefer to teach a particular exercise style, and plenty of branded classes are available. Zumba, Clubbercise and Les Mills Instructors must complete a course by the founding company before teaching these classes.

Once you gain experience as an instructor, you can specialise in one or multiple areas, giving you a higher income and opening up better opportunities.

Becoming a freelance exercise to music instructor

You could become a freelance fitness instructor if you’re looking for flexibility and prefer to explore different working environments.

One of the primary benefits of working within the fitness industry is it’s not your typical 9-5 job, so you might work weekends, or early mornings, giving you more flexibility during the week.

Some gyms also offer instructors a zero-hours contract, which allows them to balance employment with freelance work.

The most popular locations for freelance instructors to offer classes include:

  • Schools and colleges.

  • Offering remote classes through Zoom or other platforms.

  • Care homes, senior centres and hospitals.

  • Cruise ships and holiday camps.

  • Fitness bootcamps and retreats.

Things to consider before becoming a freelance instructor:

  • You’ll need to get insurance, as you won’t have the protection of an employer.

  • It’s your responsibility to acquire new clients, so a customer-focused attitude is essential.

  • There’s no guarantee that you’ll get clients, so freelancing isn’t ideal for instructors prioritising financial security.

  • You won’t be able to find cover if you can’t make any exercise to music sessions.

Starting your own business

An alternative to freelancing as a fitness instructor is starting your own business. While some people might not want the responsibility of running a company, it can offer opportunities for growth and higher earning potential.

Once you grow the business, you’ll also be able to recruit experienced instructors and take more of a management role.

There are many benefits of being your own boss. Still, business owners must deliver exceptional support to their teams and manage their performance levels to ensure people return to the ETM classes.

You’ll also have to take responsibility for any administrative tasks and market your business. It’s great for people who want to become entrepreneurs but will involve a great deal of financial investment and time.

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