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Level 3 Nutrition to Support Physical Activity Course

Nutrition and physical activity are the cornerstones of weight loss management, and personal trainers with extensive knowledge can offer a tailor-made programme to their clients. Our Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity course gives you the skills and knowledge to aid your clients' weight loss through healthy eating and athletic performance. With expert trainers to support your learning journey and interactive modules, you can learn at home in your own time. The Fitness Circle gives students the flexibility to study their way, with flexible payments and unparalleled support, enabling you to get the career you deserve. CIMSPA Certified Flexible Payments…

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YMCA Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Nutrition

As a personal trainer, your clients will need help to develop impactive exercise plans, but physical activity is only one part of the puzzle. Nutrition is the cornerstone of any successful weight management programme, and trainers that offer a full-service solution will attract more clients. Our YMCA-accredited Level 4 Advanced Nutrition certificate gives you extensive knowledge about nutrition for weight management and the ability to align diet to exercise plans. What you'll learn with our sports nutrition course The Level 4 qualification allows health and fitness industry professionals to offer clients a holistic approach to better wellbeing. With four expansive…

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Why fibre is so important

The breakdown Whole grains are the entire seed of a plant, referred to as a ‘kernel’. During the processing of whole grains, the husk (outter shell), the bran (contains fiber), the endosperm (contains starch) and the innermost germ (contains minerals and nutrients) as shown in figure 1. During the processing of whole grains, everything is removed leaving not much more than the endosperm which has a small amount of nutritional value. By contrast, 100% whole grains contain an intact kernel loaded with vitamins, minerals (noticeably B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc and magnesium) and a variety of antioxidants. Try to pick…

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