Every fitness lover and mass builder aspires to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. It’s what we all dream of; what we crave for when we hit the gym or during our personal workout. From the go, we’ve always known that it’s to better to kill two birds with one stone. That’s why ‘recomping’, the process of gaining muscle while subsequently losing weight, is becoming quite popular today.GAIN MUSCLE AND LOSE WEIGHT

‘Recomping’ is a rational approach to body-building. This means it entails caloric deficit (the process through which your body uses energy to cause weight loss), at the same time optimizing and boosting the intake of macros. Macros are actually the building blocks for mass gaining as you workout. They include proteins, carbohydrates and fats. So here is where the stalemate comes in. We need to somehow eat a surplus of calories in our diet to build mass; while at the same time eat at a caloric deficit to lose weight. To achieve this, high protein content should be obtained from lean sources (such as skinless, boneless chicken) and should constitute about 40-50% of your total calorie intake. Carbohydrates should be roughly about 40% and should come primarily from natural sources such as whole wheat. Fats should be nearly minimal in your diet; around 10-15%. This way, the body is able to burn fat and at the same time gain muscle.

One thing that is vital to maintaining recomp is having the patience to go through it. It’s a very precise and slow process, so you really need to give your body time because you won’t see the results right away. Intermittent fasting can also be incorporated with recomp. It’s not really fasting, it’s a pattern of eating; a way of scheduling your meals so that your body maximally benefits from them. It doesn’t change what you consume; it just changes the time that you consume. The principle of intermittent fasting involves the fed-state and the fasted state. During the fed state (which occurs up to 5 hours after eating) insulin levels are very high due to digestion, so it’s not the best time to burn fat. However, 8 hours after is when you enter the fasting state, which is the easiest time for you to lose weight because of low insulin levels. You can therefore eat high based macros during your meals for muscle building; and subsequently work out to burn excess fats and build muscle during the fasted state.

The great thing with recomp is that it goes great for everyone. People who were once in shape or overweight can lose fat and gain muscles more quickly and easily. It’s also great to incorporate in your overall workout.  Instead of focusing on just weight loss or mass building, you will be able to do both and give your body the best toning and the health benefits that come with it too.

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