Personal Trainer


How to become a Personal Trainer in the U.K

Be your own boss, decide your working hours, meet new people, help people achieve their goals, huge earning potential… sounds good right? This is the life of a Personal trainer, but how does one go about becoming one? This article should clear a few things up. So you have decided that you would like to become a Personal Trainer. The minimum requirements in the U.K. to become one are to hold a REPs approved level 3 certificate in Personal Training. However, before you can achieve a level 3 certificate in Personal Training you must first have a level 2 in Fitness Instructing (or equivalent). To simplify things, here at The Fitness Circle we offer a Personal Training diploma which includes both the level 2 & level 3. Completing this would fully qualify you to becoming a Personal Trainer and allows you to work self-employed or for a gym. A Level…