7 Important Personal Trainer Courses in London

Do you want to become a professional trainer in Health and Fitness industry? If yes, then you need to do the following courses in order to have a bright future in your intended career line. Below are some of the courses we offer that will enhance your fitness career:

Personal trainer courses London

  1. Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training: This diploma consists of two qualifications, namely Active IQ level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing – which qualifies you to become a Gym Instructor, and Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training – for people who want to  pursue a career in Personal Training. Please note that the Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training is for people who already have done the Active IQ level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Therefore, our Diploma is the most popular course. Upon successful completion of these two, you can become a personal trainer anywhere in the UK. Moreover, you can set up your own business as well.
  2. Level 2 Exercise to Music: As well as our personal training courses in London, we also offer ETM for people who want to set up enjoyable gym classes, in which the clients dance away the fat (quite literally). If you are a passionate person, extremely conscious about your health, and you feel that the best way to lose fat is to dance, then this particular course is the perfect option for you. In it, you get trained in the context of ETM and can apply it to any dance styles such as Zumba, Afrobeats and more!Personal trainer courses London
  3. Level 2 Children’s Fitness: Appropriate for those who want to have a career in fitness industry and want to work with children aged between 5 and 16. If you think that you can open a fitness centre and admit children, then be aware because parents in the UK will be unlikely to send their children to you unless you have this qualification. If working with children isn’t your thing then you can just check out our Personal trainer courses London.
  4. Level 3 Assessing Qualification: Other than doing the above-mentioned courses, in which you are supposed to be giving fitness classes, you can have an extra qualification of Assessing the vocational skills, understanding and knowledge in the fitness industry. With more qualifications you enhance your chances of getting a long-term career in the Health and Fitness Industry.
  5. Level 3 Award in Education: This is a teaching qualification that proves you have adequate training in tutoring, in the context of the qualification you have.
  6. Studio Cycling CPD: To handle indoor group cycling session.
  7. First aid: A must have for all Personal Trainers in the UK.
  8. Level 3 Nutrition: In order to guide your clients regarding how they can mend their diet and quicken the process of weight loss.

If you want to find an appropriate place that provides all these Personal trainer courses UK, then you can contact The Fitness Circle for more details.

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