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This comprehensive CIMSPA approved course, delivered 100% online in the UK and around the world, teaches the key skills required for the modern ETM Instructor. Whether you're looking to teach pre-choreographed programmes like Les Mills & Zumba, or your own style, this course is for you. No entry requirements needed.

Our graduates are working in some of the biggest gyms globally

Industry Leading ETM course

The Fitness Circle have 26 years’ experience in qualifying Personal Trainers and fitness professionals. Enrolling onto our CIMSPA endorsed course means you’ll be working with a serviced-focused, experienced provider that continue to keep up with the latest sports science research.


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Program learning outcomes and content

  • Level 2 - Principles of Anatomy, Physiology and Fitness

    Level 2 – Principles of Anatomy, Physiology and Fitness

    Module info & overview

    An understanding of anatomy & physiology in relation to exercise is essential foundation knowledge for all fitness professionals. Understanding the benefits and demands of the body will help with programme writing.

    • Skeletal and Neuromuscular system and the effects of exercise
    • Cardiovascular and respirator systems
    • Energy production and the effects of exercise
    • Components of fitness and its effects on the body
    • Special populations
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  • Level 2 - Professionalism for group training

    Level 2 – Professionalism for group training

    Module info & overview

    An understanding of the legal and professional requirements of an ETM instructor, how to manage a range of different experiences with customers and identify the main types of group sessions.

    • Legal and professional requirements
    • Positive experiences for customers
    • Identify the main types of group fitness sessions
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  • Level 2 - Health and safety in a group training environment

    Level 2 – Health and safety in a group training environment

    Module info & overview

    Health and safety is of prime importance in every industry. In this unit you’ll understand your responsibilities and limitations with regard to duty of care.

    • Health and safety in workplace
    • Hazards and risks in a fitness environment
    • Emergency operating procedures
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  • Level 2 - Supporting behaviour change and healthy lifestyles

    Level 2 – Supporting behaviour change and healthy lifestyles

    Module info & overview

    Understand behaviour changes to exercise and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

    • Know how to consult and support clients to change their exercise behaviour
    • Understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle
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  • Level 2 - Planning and instructing group training to music sessions

    Level 2 – Planning and instructing group training to music sessions

    Module info & overview

    Know how to plan safe & effective group training sessions

    • Programming group training sessions
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The Fitness Circle support team & materials

With a personal tutor on hand to help you learn with us, we ensure that you are not alone during your studies.

Tutors with industry experience

Our tutors are dedicated, knowledgeable and best of all,
have personal training experience.

Industry-leading learning materials

  • Online video lectures and practical training videos
  • Premium learner manuals
  • Dedicated support tutor
  • Simplified study guide that is easy to follow
  • Customisable templates for case studies
  • Mock paper practice
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Experience Class

  • Way 2 Fitness Work

    ”The support and the knowledge given allowed me to start working in the industry straight way. I have and will continue to recommend their services to anyone looking to get qualified.”

    Way 2 Work 

    Basketball Coach & PT

  • Nuna’s Nutritionist

    “I chose the The Fitness Circle because I could study the whole course online, in my own timeframe, which worked well with my schedule. It was a great experience.”

    Nuna’s Nutrition


  • Helle Hammonds Celebrity Personal Trainer

    “I qualified as a PT with The Fitness Circle over 10 years ago and will still recommend them to this day.”

    Helle Hammonds

    Celebrity Personal Trainer

  • Tom ‘Kong’ Watson Personal Trainer

    “The Fitness Circle will teach you everything you need to know to get you started in a career in Personal Training”

    Tom ‘Kong’ Watson

    Former MMA Champion



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Why Study Exercise to Music Courses?

Music is a massive part of our lives, and it’s known to induce a range of emotions. For example, listening to a sad song might make you think of a bad breakup, while a happy song can lift your mood. Motivational music can enhance a workout because it immediately makes people feel energetic, and it’s a central part of the exercise experience.

When you study a music instructor course, you’ll learn how to use a range of techniques that improves your client’s workout and help them reach their goals.

Music Reduces Pain During a Workout

Music can boost your endorphins, which means you’re less likely to notice pain and fatigue. As working out can often be a challenge for most people, putting on a song can take their minds off the exercise and help them achieve more.

It Enhances Workouts

Most people immediately begin to tap their hands or feet when they hear a song because the mind and body automatically adjust to the music. A music instructor knows how to choose the right music to enhance workouts and gently increase the heart rate and metabolism to achieve better results.

Both Boost Endorphins

Both exercising and listening to music creates an increase in endorphins and other happiness hormones. As you can imagine, both of them together are a powerful mix – which is why so many people choose to attend music exercise classes.

Free Courses Don’t Offer Ofqual Regulated Qualifications

Understandably, you might feel taking a free course is better, but to create an effective music programme requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Our course is an investment into your future because it offers you the chance to become an accredited ETM instructor.

You Can Do Our Level 2 Exercise to Music Course Online

It can be a real challenge to study – especially when you have a job and family commitments. But we aim to make our music classes accessible to everyone, which is why we offer online training.

Studying with The Fitness Circle gives you a range of benefits, including:


Learn your way and at your own pace. Gaining a music qualification doesn’t have to be stressful, and our unique online learning experience means that anyone can become a qualified exercise instructor.


As one of the UK’s leading fitness training providers, we offer a range of cheap ETM courses that give you the tools and theoretical knowledge you need to support clients to reach their goals.

Working in the fitness industry means you need to update your skills and knowledge constantly, but our courses let you do that in your own time.

All Our Students Have Access to Expert Tutors

Distance learning is a convenient solution for many people, but they worry about whether they’ll get the proper support. Our course materials are designed to be easy to understand, and the majority of our students complete their studies without hassle.

When you sign up with us, you’ll have access to advice from a dedicated tutor, which helps you move towards your online qualification. We’ll equip you with the essential knowledge to succeed in the fitness sector, and we have diverse trainers, tutors and music experts.

Achieve Your Career Goals

Completing a music instructor qualification is just one step of the journey, and once you get certified for our online exercise course, you can enjoy a range of employment options. Our dedicated team can also offer career advice so you can decide on other classes you’d like to take.

Enjoy a Rewarding Career After Completing the Music Instructor Course

When you become a certified exercise to music instructor, you have a range of employment options available. For example, do you want to get a job in a health centre? Or does community engagement appeal to you?

There’s also the option of starting your own fitness business or setting up corporate training venues to encourage team building activities.

The list of options includes:

  • Running Group Exercise Classes
  • Working in a Fitness Centre
  • Instructing Vulnerable Adults
  • Encouraging the Elderly to Enjoy Physical Activity
  • Developing Your Personal Training Business


Enquire About Our Exercise to Music Instructor Online Course Today

If you’d like more information on our cheap exercise to music course, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We’ll discuss whether you need any prior qualifications and discuss your options in more detail.

Instructing exercise to music is a highly rewarding job, and we’re confident that you’ll gain a genuine appreciation for helping people with their weight management, body conditioning and learning how to enjoy exercise.

Take the first step towards your brand new career.


Our Course Advisors are eager to walk through your options and answer any questions you have

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